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What Makes Our Biorhythm-6 Unique:
  • Completely Online, instant, no downloads, Java or Flash
  • Free unlimited use of 4 biorhythms
  • Very easy to use, just enter DOB and see for yourself
  • Adjustable biorhythm, try your own figures (e.g. sexual)
  • Luck biorhythm, experiment with your fortune

  • Biorhythm-6 Online is a very easy to use human biorhythm displaying program with 6 biorhythms. Each biorhythm is a sine wave which represents the rise and fall of a specific human ability. The 6 biorhythms are:

    1. Physical (e.g. stamina, immunity to disease, speed, stength, basic body functions).
    2. Emotional (e.g. moods, mental stability, sensitivity, depression, emotional intelligence (EIQ)).
    3. Intellectual (e.g. mental capabilities, judgement, memory).
    4. Intuitional (e.g. unconscious perception, spirituality, hunches, instincts, sixth sense, ESP).
    5. Fortune (good or bad luck). Registered only !
    6. Adjustable (user defined, make your own experiments, e.g. sexual or I-Ching biorhythms). Registered only !

    An introduction to Biorhythms
    Biorhythms have nothing to do with stars or the supernatural; they are simply cycles of human abilities. You have probably noticed that you do not have the same physical, intellectual, emotional or intuitive abilities each day, and that your degree of "good fortune" varies considerably also.
    Once you have excluded other factors, you may notice that your abilities tend to cycle, in other words, they go up and down at fixed intervals. As a result, you have certain times when you are at your peak in one or more areas and of course other times when you are at your lowest ebb.
    The science behind biorhythms dates back to the late 19th Century, the era of Sigmund Feud, when various psychologists, professors and scientists studied mental and physical states and discovered that these states appeared to be governed by cycles of 23, 28 and 33 days. There is a lot of material on the internet about how biorhythms affect people, even to the claimed degree of influencing the gender of an unborn child.
    You may be wondering how we are able to calculate the "fortune" biorhythm, when the degree of good or bad fortune we experiences is seemingly random and beyond our control. However, there is significant research on this subject which indicates that to some degree we are able to make our own luck, purely by our mental state. When we have a pessimistic outlook, we fail to notice the good things in life and are likely to overlook opportunities and "lucky chances" that are all around us. However, if we have an optimistic outlook, we are more likely to turn ordinary situations into opportunities to better our lives and ourselves. Our fortune biorhythm could help you to understand when you are more likely to attract positive situations into your life.
    We also offer a unique user-adjustable biorhythm, which allows you to experiment with and develop your own biorhythm sine wave based on your own findings. For instance, you may notice differences in your sexual desire and energy which are cyclical.

    We are not the inventor of biorhythms, we do not make any claims on biorhythms, we just created a comprehensive very easy to use online program that works as a website on computers, tablets and mobiles without needing to download or install anything, which is free to use for the standard 4 biorhythms.
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    How to interpret the chart
    The biorhythm sine waves are depicted on a vertical axis, from -100% which is where your abilities should be lowest, through a mid point of zero, and up to 100% where your abilities should be at their highest. The days are given along the horizontal axis, so you can choose a particular day and see where your biorhythm sine waves will be on that day. For example, on any given day, you can have one wave which is rising upwards, one which is at its peak and another which is falling.

    Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer 7+ (best appearance), Firefox 3+ (much slower), Safari

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